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Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
is now the top selling nfl jersey and the crush of media descending on the 49ers camp is mostly here to get a story about him. >> when you go from the backup quarterback to the starting quarterback, and you win two play-off games, yeah, the requests are flowing in daily if not hourly. >> reporter: it's a story everyone wants to print in all caps. >> this is a very unlikely super bowl quarterback. this is only going to be his ninth start as an nfl quarterback. that's really unusual. he has some charisma. he has the tatoos. he's just very -- he's hard toic tour eyes off. >> reporter: kaepernick is also a very smart quarterback. even though he's only been the starter for the last nine games he did something unusual and welcome for the media out here today. he sent us pizza. he ordered probably about 20 pizzas, sent it to the media room. he apparently got the memo, keep the media happy, feed the media. he is going to run into a lot more media when he gets to new orleans. i don't know if he is going to be able to feed everybody. but -- >> well, he
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
and you'll spend money when you get there. 9ers fans will have a brand-new nfl shop to spend some big bucks in while in new orleans next weekend. today city officials cut the ribbon for the new convention center in new orleans. the center will houses the 60,000-square-foot nfl shop for the super bowl. how about that? wasn't that timing perfect? the convention center will also play host to the nfl experience where fans will get to go through drills and meet players and go through a referee clinic. >> the big easy is gearing up to kick off the first major parade weekend of the carnaval season. 11 parades are rolling a week early to make way for the super bowl next sunday. the schedule change has created big headaches as you can imagine and some logistical nightmares as well for the parade organizers and businesses in the area. but the crews say its all worth it to parade in new orleans. >> and more tickets to the super bowl are hitting the market just hours after the 9ers distributed their tickets to select fans. but the nfl is warning be careful be
Jan 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
,000 seats to be split. the good news is many will sell their tickets along with other teams in the nfl leaving plenty of opportunities for us, but they don't come cheap. >> how much would you shell out for a seat at the super bowl. >> probably a few hundred dollars >> the most would be $200. >> you may have to pay a bit more. the good muse is -- news is there are plenty available on websites. stub hub has tickets a little over 2 grand. prime sport is the 49ers' official travel partner for the big game. it is not the only game in town. at costco there are tickets. packages 12 to 15,000. there is really no club card discount here. if you are look for a deal, entire beware. whether the super bowl or world series, scalpers are often selling scams. always ask to see the ticket before you buy and check the security features on the back. like this holiday season gram on the top and this heat sensitive star on the bottom that disappears when you rub it. for many come february 3rd, the best seat in the house won't cost. >> i would rather watch it at hom
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
the n.f.l. doesn't make much if anything available for streaming. however, you definitely want a smart or connected t.v. going forward. i would not buy a new t.v. today that doesn't have those features built in. >> reporter: now the best day to buy a t.v. is the day after the super bowl. that's when prices start to come down. and buyer beware of a manufacturer who promises a faster processor or something else that sets them apart. for the most part they all use the same parts. >> ok. thanks. >> look and sound good. >> exactly. >>> it's a journey eight years in the making. now, frank gore and the niners are super bowl bound. the role he plays on and off the field. >> it's not a stretch to believe the niners will bring home the championship, or is it? how stretching could be the secret weapon that got them to the big game. and the vice presi >>> president obama started his day at church. the first lady and vice president joining the president at the inaugural national prayer service. it's a tradition that dates back to the d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4